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Like a Butterfly... Their Wings Unfolded...

“ I had less anxiety and stronger self-esteem… working and living became less effortful”

Klara clarified my decades-long self-esteem issues and negative thinking.  With her help, I’m now noticing negative thoughts that are destructive and even sometimes catching them before they tiptoe into my mind.  I’ve learned there are many forms my negative thinking used to take, like saying to a friend, “I’m not good at X…”.

With great organizational skill, Klara pulled disparate thoughts together & put them into sharp focus.  Receiving her thoughtful summary of every session was really valuable.  I re-read these emails several times throughout the month.  Klara offered concrete, doable goals.  She comes up with original Qs for me to ask myself, to lead me to growth and greater wellbeing.  

I felt I had a personal cheerleader who celebrated my ”wins.”  Hearing her encouragement made me believe in myself and my abilities to improve my attitude, my relationships and my spiritual outlook.  I felt tremendously supported during the weeks I worked with her.  This is shifting to me being my own cheerleader, with assistance from a meditation I play that she recorded for my use. 

Coaching made a big, immediate difference in my emotional well-being around my bro.

With Klara’s Qs of “Why does it matter if bro says something to his wife about you?  How does that have any effect your life?” Klara taught me and empowered me with mental tools I brought to my brother’s relationship with me.    Later, when my brother teased me, it was the first time in 50 years I didn’t feel marginalized.  I was able to enjoy him thoroughly, with no defensiveness or hurt feelings on my part. 

That’s just one of many instances this month where I had less anxiety and stronger self-esteem.  Consequently, working and living became less effortful.  There’s even a little less indecisive behavior happening with this new head space of increased inner calm.  

Klara has a great skill for listening but also for taking the client’s insights and ideas to form the goals.  She doesn’t just impose her ideas on the client but really collaborates, so the approaches evolve.  We worked as teammates, and the goals evolved very quickly.  Some results were noticeable every week we met.

I believe anybody, young or old, seriously troubled or wanting an improved attitude/happiness could really enjoy Klara’s coaching.  Anyone who commits the time and attentiveness with Klara guiding them, could improve their well-being in significant ways they can’t imagine on their own. 

  • N.S., 64, MD


“Klara would listen very carefully and bring up points from our conversation that made me think about my
situation in a new way”


Before I started working with Klara, I wasn't taking the time to really focus on solutions. Taking the time to discuss the steps to take and create actionable items that foster change, were the results of the Coaching with Klara.  

Working with Klara was a great experience, because she provides a calm no judgment zone.  I liked most that Klara would listen very carefully and bring up points from our conversation that made me think about my situation in a new way. 

The benefit and result of working with Klara as a Coach allowed me to see myself in a more accurate way and set up plans to move forward on the things I wanted to change or alter. 

I have learned that I already have the tools to be and do whatever I want to be. 

I would recommend coaching with Klara to anyone who wants or needs to organize their thoughts, gain new insights into themselves and their life, or anyone who needs a supportive coach in their corner to listen and offer thoughtful guidance. 

  • J. J. , MD

“She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself”

I had a wonderful coaching experience with Klara. She was sensitive, gave me space to work out my issues. Asked some real tough questions and challenged me to make changes where I was stalled. She guided me every step of the way, mostly she believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She also made the challenges fun. Great sense of humor. I would highly recommend Klara for coaching. She was beside me all the way. 

  • J. B. , 69, FL


“She clearly has a heart to serve others and guide the suffering through healing”

Klara has a gift for helping you laugh in the midst of whatever you're going through. Some days I really needed that! She clearly has a heart to serve others and guide the suffering through healing.  It has been a pleasure to walk through this season of my life with her. Thank you Klara.  I'm so grateful our paths have crossed.

  • C.D. , 47, TN

“She is a thoughtful, caring coach who holds you accountable to the tasks/goals you set”

My time with Klara saw three breakthroughs on the path to healing my disordered relationship with food. A relationship none of my last three PTSD/trauma therapists could unravel. Her affirming demeanor, “homework” challenges, and follow-ups were just the right mix to help me "adult" my way to a healthier set of goals and understanding of myself at this place in my journey. Even after parting, her mindfulness practices and visual goal tracking suggestions were right on and are still helping me. She is a thoughtful, caring coach who holds you accountable to the tasks/goals you set. Her skills were a great fit for what I needed! For anyone who has hit a plateau in progress or is just starting out and doesn’t know where to begin, I highly recommend Klara. She really, really listens, and is honest and affirming at the same time. That is a rare gift. 

  • H.S., MD


“What I like most about the coaching with Klara is that she gave realistic expectations and tasks that fit into my lifestyle” 

Over the past couple years, I have been working long sedentary stressful hours with minimal daily movement and my weight has increased.  I wanted to make a healthy change and the coaching sessions have positively impacted my life by learning new ways and making small changes with a large impact.

My experience working with Klara was great, she was friendly and helpful in every aspect.  Klara categorized the overall goals and recommended what tasks should be completed to achieve them.  What I like most about the coaching with Klara is that she gave realistic expectations and tasks that fit into my lifestyle.

My goal was to lose weight, increase my daily activity, reduce stress and make healthier food choices. Klara offered ideas, suggestions and outside resources that were attainable with my daily and weekly schedule.  I have increased my physical activity and made healthier food choices that have resulted in me losing weight and having increased energy.

I have learned that small changes can make a big difference.  Less is more!  By making small and realistic changes that fit my lifestyle I saw results, therefore it keeps me motivated!

If anyone is looking to make any changes in their life and need guidance as to what steps can be taken, reach out to Klara.  Klara will help with changes that will make a positive impact on your life. 

  • J.V., WI

 “She will help you realize that you are capable and the decisions on your head matters”

I was a big mess when I first started with Klara. I had no direction and was very hesitant about my decision with my current situation. Klara gave me direction and confidence that the decision I am making is the best option for myself and my 2 little boys.

Klara is professional and easy to work with. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable.

I am still in the process of achieving my goal but now I have direction and will keep aiming for it until I achieve it.

Through the process, I learned that every second counts. It might be the end of the world tomorrow! Make your move today! 

I need some time for myself. I need time to relax and recharge. 

I highly recommend Klara to anybody who needs direction in life. She will help you realize that you are capable and the decisions on your head matters. A lot of times, we already know what needs to be done but feel hesitant because of the possible impact on other people. Focus on yourself, focus on the goal, see yourself in the future. The future where you want to be. 

  • R.R., CA

Image by Xuan Nguyen

 “She truly will hold your hand in the dark and guide you until you come out in the light and shine again”

I want to start off by saying before I met Klara I was desperately seeking help. I lost hope and by meeting Klara its as if God heard my prayers. I was on Facebook and came across Klara's post offering her generous help to people who are suffering from mental illnesses. It was truly and kind act of kindness and I immediately contacted Klara and within hours she responded back telling me that everything will be fine. Just hearing these words made me feel there is hope and maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

During the sessions I received with Klara she made me realize how much I needed to be "true to myself " and that I needed to keep my life aligned by following my dreams.

The truth is I needed to discover my inner strength in order to get back on my feet. Klara made me realize that if I wanted to change I needed to take an action. As they say actions speak louder than words. We can either rise up or be a victim. We can be a prisoner in our own minds or we can accept that life will an can get better its all in your hands. I learned that our worst enemy is our fears which keep us back from becoming the person we dreamed of.

Klara made me also realize that everyone has a story but nothing will change if you don't change. Don't expect others to change because this is YOUR STORY that needs to be written. Just because we had a few bad chapters in our life doesn't mean the whole book is ruined. We can either write the rest of our chapters or end it with no ending its all in your hands. YOU HOLD THE PEN! You need to be in control of your own life as if you are a pilot in the sky not knowing which direction to take.

You can either land safely or not land at all but sooner or later you will be forced to land somewhere you might not have wanted so take control. As Klara taught me the plane will not go anywhere until you at least "start your engine"! Thank you Klara for making me realize that life doesn't stop at a bad moment but instead these are the moments that make us realize we need to change in order to be happy. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger! Commitment to yourself is the key that you need in order to discover your true self.

I recommend to anyone seeking help to take sessions with Klara as she is very caring and compassionate about what does. She truly will hold your hand in the dark and guide you until you come out in the light and shine again. Your past doesn't define you but what you are committed to do now defines you so don't wait and start your journey today. If you are looking for a spiritual journey for a better future then I recommend Klara in a heart beat. Klara is a truly a gift from heaven. Thank you Klara from the bottom of my heart to for helping me to rise back on my feet. After the storm there is always a rainbow!

  • M.E., PA

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