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Learn about yourself thru Experience with Horses

Our host Maria (from @Horseandpeopleproject) for creating this amazing experience with horses!

The horses in this experience are facilitating a learning opportunity for you to tap into your own self development and learn a thing or two about yourself while interacting with the horse.

Who knew that by interacting with a horse you can learn so much about yourself?!

We took part in 4 lessons with the amazing horse Rocky:

1) Asking him to backup 2) Sending him out to the rail and inviting him back 3) Asking him for his leg 4) Acting as a magnet (where he follows us wherever we go).

What skills we learned?

  • Setting an intention

  • Asking like we mean it

  • Focus our energy

  • Set boundaries

  • Encourage, not nagging

  • Finding balance between sending him out and inviting back

  • Real time communication

  • Wait for his processing (lick and chew)

  • Building trust

I've been scared of riding horses because of my past experiences. I used to blame the horse that they were not well behaved. What I've learned from this experience is that the horse is not the problem...

The real problem is that I didn't know how to communicate with the horse and I wasn't clear on my intentions...

Also, none of the places you ride horses are sharing this with you...

I also had a lot of takeaways to implement on the interactions I have with my kids...

The importance of setting an intention, providing clear instructions, encourage them, not nagging and allowing them time to process to name a few.

I'm grateful for this experience and for ever cherish the lessons I've learned!

Would you like to take part in the next experience and find out what lessons you can learn?

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